What we do

B&Y has been created to assist Government Departments, NGOs and Official Industry Associations. We help organisations to communicate, influence and educate their members, the public, private sector businesses or selected target groups.

Through using innovative communication, we can create effective tools to allow you, your staff & members to reinforce regulations, best practice, protocol and deliver key lifestyle information to the groups you need to influence. We can work hand-in-glove with your internal departments, senior management teams and external industry experts to create programs that will have huge influence and measurable results.

We are able to engage the commercial sector to bring on board partners that can deliver unparalleled technical expertise, commercial customer knowledge and products that will be required by your target groups at key stages within the cycles that you are influencing them.

B&Y can help you to create multi-channel, made to measure platforms for specific clients and target audiences.

  • By blending engagement platforms we can create hybrid products that will influence client behaviour and provide the very best professional expertise.
  • B&Y’s professional teams closely monitor all stages from conception to delivery, providing seamless processes but allowing you to retain complete control.
  • We help to establish and maintain your message ensuring that your brand and duty of care is never compromised.
  • We always thoroughly research the market before taking on a client to learn of existing brand awareness, market potential and penetration to date. We analyse the challenges and opportunities, only taking on those where we believe we can add significant value.